About Vredo


The origins of Vredo date back to 1947, when B. de Vree, as a farmer’s son, started a contracting company in Dodewaard. The activities were very diverse and standard machines were regularly adapted to handle the heavy Betuwe clay soil. This adaptation of machines gradually turned into the development of completely new machines. The contracting company increasingly became a manufacturing company and, later on, a machine factory.

In 1976, De Vree produced its first self-developed machine. This was an overseeder called Vredo. In the late 1980s, the operating principle of the overseeder was also used by Vredo for the development of the slurry injector. These two developments characterise the rapid growth the organisation has experienced since then. Even today, this technology is still considered innovative and progressive and evidence of its effectiveness is growing.

Mounting a slurry tank on a three-wheeled Horsch in 1989 was the first activity in the field of self-propelled vehicles. Since 1994, Vredo has been developing and producing the self-propelled vehicles completely in-house, with the development of the 4556, 5536 and 7138 as its highlights to date.

Vredo now

Vredo is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and turf care machines. Vredo’s range is divided into two sectors, agricultural and turf care. Four product groups are offered in these two sectors:


  • Self-propelled Tracs
  • Slurry injectors
  • Slicing filters
  • Overseeders

Turf care:

  • Overseeders for installation, maintenance and renovation

All products are developed and produced in-house by Vredos’s state of the art production machinery and skilled staff. Vredo supplies its products directly and through a carefully selected dealer network, both nationally and internationally.

Slurry injection & overseeding technology

For agriculture & turf care

Own R&D

Own manufacturing


Dealer network

Mission & vision

As a family business, our mission is to develop, produce and market innovative and functional quality products that contribute to sustainable and responsible solutions in international fertiliser and seeding technology, based on our Christian values as a reliable partner with respect for our environment.

The Vredo vision is built up and specified in five focal points:

  1. For our staff, Vredo should be a pleasant and safe working environment where people are inspired to bring out the best in themselves;
  2. Our product offering should be a diverse and broad range of fertiliser and seeding technology that meets the needs of the end user;
  3. We are part of a successful network of customers, dealers and suppliers to create continuous added value together;
  4. Socially, we want to make a difference by doing business responsibly and contributing to a sustainable world;
  5. To guarantee continuity, profit must be balanced, with respect for each other and our environment, by investing in an efficient, professional and flexible organisation that can respond effectively to new developments