Driving on water

Ready for spring!

Do you feel it too? Spring has truly arrived. The birds are chirping a little louder and the sun is showing itself more often. There’s nothing better than going out into the countryside with your Trac right now. Of course, there’s still that wet ground, but with a Vredo, you can fertilize like a pro even under those conditions!

A wet soil can disrupt plans, slow down work, and affect yields. Luckily, at Vredo, we see these challenges as opportunities: with our innovative Tracs, you can inject slurry on wet ground, up to two weeks earlier than with other fertilization techniques.

This leads to better yields, a healthier soil, and a more sustainable agricultural practice.

“Our customers don’t compromise. We either fertilize with a Vredo or not at all. It’s as simple as that.”

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"Your fields, our passion"

Thanks to Vredo’s advanced technologies, fertilizers can be spread evenly, ensuring crops are optimally nourished and yields are maximized. Additionally, the Vredo applicator minimizes soil compaction, which is essential for preserving soil structure and reducing soil compaction.

A larger working width, better soil tracking, and more precise fertilizer dosing are what we have been working hard on in recent years. This results, for example, not only in increased grass quantity and consequently milk production but also in improved milk quality. Moreover, it’s more efficient as the work can be completed in shorter periods.

“With this machine, we can truly distinguish ourselves in the market. What this Trac shows is great class,” enthusiastically explains Jan Albert Joldersma. >> Read Jan Albert’s story


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